About me, the Artist

Let me set one thing straight right off the bat: the "S. W." in my name stands for Stanislaw Wladyslaw. The spelling of "Wyszkowski" is in the Polish alphabet which looks like the English one but isn't and offers no clue to an English speaker how to pronounce it. Spelled out phonetically in the English alphabet it would be "Vishkofski" with the stress on "kof" and that's how I pronounce it. Now that we have that out of the way, we can proceed.

I call myself an inventor and discoverer of images. In varying proportions all my images are in part invented and in part discovered. My artistic life is played out in that middle ground between perfect order and absolute chaos where the infinite possibilities of pattern, design and structure arise. My mind deeply appreciates the order and symmetry that is the basis of beauty but I am passionately in love with chaos and unpredictability which make art and life fascinating and ever surprising.

I believe that a successful work of art is one which catches and evokes in the mind of the viewer something of that part of the experience of being human which we cannot explain to ourselves in scientific or even philosophical terms. Like our appreciation of grace and beauty, our capacity for wonder and joy, and our sense of humor. In that sense, a work of art is akin to a religious experience.

Much of my work involves digital manipulation of images. Sometimes my paintings are informed by original digital images. Many of my digital images are derived from original paintings. In any case, to me it is always the resulting image, what meets the eye and the mind that matters, not how I arrived at it, however interesting that may have been.

The eighth annual exhibition of my prints and paintings ("IMAGES: Feeding the Mind's Eye VIII") took place in November 2005 in Ottawa, ON, Canada. Previous exhibitions were held in Washington, DC, and in Ottawa and Mississauga, ON Canada. After taking a year off for a triple by-pass I was back with " Feeding the Mind's Eye IX" which took place in May 2008 in Bethesda, MD.  FTME X followed in September 2012 in DC and FTME XI in September 2013, again in DC. Since then I have moved to Westchester County in New York where the scope of my artistic projects is limited by available space. I am now concentrating on digital art and written essays.

Besides the gallery on this website I also maintain a gallery on the ImageKind's website. A link in each gallery will conveniently and instantly transport you between the two.