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"Dancing Oak Leaves"

"Magical Pit"

"Crystalline Construction"

"Faux Aquarelle"

"Floral Fungus"

"Autumnal Forest Fantasy"

"Techno Decay Fantasy"

"Rowanberres and Spruce"

"Organic Grid #1"

"Cherry Blossom Pattern"

"Multicolored Floating Grid"

"Iridescent Leaf Pattern"

"Organic Grid #2"

"Jewel Encrusted"

"Golden Embroidery"

"Universal Expansion"

"Royal Opulence"

"Natural Majesty"

"Mystery Window"

"Industrial Architecture"

"Contemporary Jazz"


"Alien Life Form"

"Cameos and Lace"

"Pleasures of Disintegration"


"Falling Leaf"

"Suddenly one morning..."


"Broken Symmetry"



"The Witness"

"In the Forest of the Night"

"An Oddly Familiar Landscape"

"Winter Moon"

"Subtle Symmetry of Substance"

"Hot Art/Not Art"


"Psyche and Ego"


"Now What"

"Tricky Situation"

"Wild Card"

"A Seussian Landscape"

"Aphrodite 2300 AP"

"Still Life with Geyser"

"Summer 1944"

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