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No. 0134, August 5, 2017


Created Unequal

     "I see you're still mining the Great Swamp for images?" notes Prickles. Yup.

Copyright 2017 by S.W. Paul Wyszkowski

     Notice to the politically correct: you can't have diversity and equality - the two concepts are logically incompatible. In any case, equality is a mathematical fiction, like a point or a straight line, and does not exist in the world of experience. Equality of opportunity, equality under the law, gender equality, etc., etc., these are all ideals with no referents in reality. What we do have are apparent similarities which we can use to sort individuals into broadly defined categories. "Broadly" is the operative term here - if we define the categories too narrowly they will end up with few or no prospective members. Note that there is no equality within a category only a reduced range of diversity, reduced at the cost of increased diversity of categories.

     We (that is, Prickles the Hedgehog who is our resident diversity management consultant and I) hold this truth to be self-evident: that no two distinguishable things or beings are created equal. And even if a moment ever existed when the universe was everywhere the same and all energy was equally distributed throughout, within one Planck time unit (the smallest possible interval of time which is unbelievably small) perfect uniformity would be replaced everywhere by diversity because the universe is dynamic and ever changing in imperfectly predictable ways.

     This does not mean we should give up on trying to correct certain culturally, politically or ideologically imposed inequalities that have no roots in reality. Inequalities are real and, within limits, manageable. But we need to recognize that fairness and justice (or our best approximation to these ideals) do not mean equal treatment for all. To begin with, equal treatment is not possible. Secondly, inequalities are inevitable. And thirdly, diversity is absolutely necessary - without the ability to distinguish between different things and beings, nothing would or could exist.

     Freely proliferating diversity leads to chaos and disintegration but the force of conscious desire opposes this trend. Not necessarily or even primarily by restricting diversity (this can choke off creativity and choice of alternatives) but by organizing it. Organization makes use of diversity: it provides diverse individual entities with meaningful roles in a larger scheme for optimizing enjoyment of being for all, which is the ultimate objective of conscious desire. "Amen," says Prickles.


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