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No. 0124, May 11, 2017


Two Impossibles Without Which Nothing Is Possible

Copyright 2017 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

     The two impossibles in question are: "absolute order" and "absolute chaos". "Who says they must be impossible?" challenges Prickles, a genuine hedgehog and our resident skeptic. Logic says so. Absolute order means absolute predictability. That requires an absolutely fixed, static universe in which nothing ever changes which means nothing ever happens, therefore nothing is (or can be) observed, therefore nothing exists. This is contrary to the evidence of our senses. Therefore absolute order is not and cannot be possible. Quod erat demonstrandum.

     Conversely, absolute chaos (absolute unpredictability) requires that no discernible patterns of any kind exist in the universe. Which means that no distinct entities of any kind can exist, therefore nothing exists, contrary to the evidence. Again, Q.E.D.

     "Oh, I see," exclaims Prickles as a bright light bulb and an exclamation mark suddenly appear over her head, "the impossibility of either absolute chaos or absolute order is required by what we actually observe in the universe which is relative chaos mixed together with relative order. Because, logically, the absolute and the relative mutually exclude one another, it has to be either one or the other. Is that your argument?". Yes, but not only that. A relative mix of chaos and order is essential to existence. Chaos is what makes change and newness possible. Possibility of change enables order to express itself in formation of a great variety of distinct organized entities. Chaos and order are like two faces of the same existential coin. Jointly they make creation of the universe in all its amazing variety not only possible but inevitable.

     "So, as long as the absolute chaos and absolute order are impossible," concludes Prickles, "the universe cannot cease to exist. Got it." And she trots off, evidently satisfied, a rare phenomenon.


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