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No. 0120, April 20, 2017


Art Prep

Copyright 2017 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

     The exhibition, assuming there will be one which is far from assured, will take place sometime in 2018, possibly as late as December. In the meantime, go or no go, there's work to be done.

     Two crucial items, sine quae non, are already in place: I have a substantial inventory of commercial quality (i.e., salable) original art, and I have identified a potential exhibition venue (Harrison Public Library). The next sine qua non is to be chosen by a jury of artists as one of eleven artists each of whom will be granted a one month solo exhibition at the library in 2018. But before that can happen I have to prep my submission to the jury. The date for submission is May 19, 2017 and I will need two pieces ready to hang plus twelve additional examples of my work.

     All of my art is in form of digital prints which need to be framed to hang. The exhibition space is large enough for about twenty some of my images. At about $150 per print for framing that's $3000 which I am definitely not spending for the privilege of exhibiting particularly since my business plan is to sell my art unframed, for a low price affordable to all. I need a cheap way of displaying the prints effectively while conforming to the exhibition rules which require that all art must be hung from provided chains and hooks.

     After much deliberation and some experimentation, I have settled on mounting the prints individually on 36" x 24" x 0.5" black foam-core boards equipped with loops of twine which allow them to be hung per exhibition specs, vertically or horizontally. Hopefully this is an acceptable solution. The boards represent a total investment of about $200. Even if I end up trashing them after the exhibition (I have no room to store them) it's not such a big deal.

     Now I need to choose two images, print, assemble and mount them on boards, exactly as they will be hung, for submission to the jury. Additional 12 images will be submitted as 8.5" x 11" unmounted prints. I have already prepared a one sheet intro including my "resume" (essentially many years of practical experience), description of my art and my marketing plan, and contact information. All this will have to be made into a "package" for submission to the jury on May 19th. Judging from the art currently hanging in the exhibition space, I believe I have better than zero chance of being chosen one of the eleven. Should I be chosen, the work begins preparing about two dozen full size prints for hanging, literature for distribution to the visitors, designing, printing and mailing invitations to the show, arranging general publicity, food and drink for the opening night, etc., etc.

     "Good luck with all that," says Prickles, my chief collaborator and critic (and a genuine hedgehog besides). "But don't forget your plans to expose your art to a variety of art-influential people this year. This library gig is only one piece of that. Even if it happens, you still have a lot of other fish to fry." Noted.

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