Marks and Remarks
Food for the Mind and Eye

No. 0115, March 17, 2017


Of Snakes, Saints and Emeralds

Between red-orange-yellow and blue-indigo-violet there is green, the color of Ireland and emeralds.

Copyright 2017 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

     Once populated by snakes, currently by saints, poets and fantastics, something there is about the Irish air that poeticizes all that happens there. In midst of the Irish mists free spirits mingle with those still freighted with their mortal coils, sometimes leading them to fabulous treasures at the end of the rainbow and sometimes to their doom. All on account of an all pervading airy spirit of poetry which only those cold stone hard of head and heart or suffering from a very bad cold can resist.

     Being Irish is a metaphor and an allegory lived out as actuality, a living myth. While this is true to some extent of other nations and tribes, on the Emerald Isle it is the universally embraced mode of life. A visitor sinks into it and her heart becomes green.

     Uncontainable, the spell of Ireland spills out far beyond her shores. Whether you're Irish root and branch or charmed into it, and wherever you may be, today the whole world is green and poets are out on the streets. Celebrate!


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