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No. 0109, Febuary 11, 2017


What the World Is NOT

Here's a positive eye catcher to offset all that negativity that follows.

Copyright 2017 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

     So here's what we (Prickles and I) are approximately 99.9% sure the world is NOT (we're willing to bet the contents of our piggy bank on it):



Definitively bounded



Static and unchanging

Totally predictable

Totally unpredictable

Utterly chaotic

Perfectly ordered

Exactly measurable

Fully knowable

Totally unintelligible

Absolutely lawful and just

     (Note: we are especially happy about this last item. It means it is possible to cheat and sometimes get away with it. Life would be hopeless - impossible in fact - without such a provision. But that's another story.)

     It is harder to say what the world actually is. "A process of becoming", "what is observed/experienced" ("observing" and "experiencing" being one and the same), "a creation of consciousness", "a complex, multidimensional 'field' (set of locations in space-time) being dynamically tied in knots" - those are some possible positive definitions that come to mind, none of them as helpful in the attempt to get some grip on the nature of the world of our experience as the list of what the world almost certainly is not. Prickles concurs.

     However, there's a problem with the list as well: we're pretty sure (99.9%) that it is not complete.

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