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No. 0106, January 19, 2017


On the Importance of Vanity

Copyright 2017 by EXPO 2020 Dubai

     There is a special temptation those of advanced age are likely to be led into: a depressing epiphany that all their life's dream projects and accumulated treasured possessions are fast becoming mere "vanity of vanities", worse than worthless baggage as time and energy resources relentlessly slip away. Prickles, my head shrink and life advisor, is very clear about this: "Don't even think about thinking of going there! Assume you're going to live forever. Plan and act accordingly."

     OK, but what about the diminishing energy and stamina? "What about it?" says Prickles. "So it takes you longer to get stuff done - you have the whole eternity to do it, remember?" Hard to argue with that. Though I am of the opinion that after a few centuries eternity might get a little stale. Prickles would probably say "wait till you get there".

     Prickles is right, as usual. And so, full steam (what's left of it) ahead! Fuelled in large part by the very vanity of vanities that I had been very tempted to just let go. "Onwards and upwards!" Prickles exhorts. "Doesn't matter how slow as long as you go!" OK, OK, enough with the slogans already. (Prickles gets hyperenthusiastic when in her life advisor mode.) Propaganda aside, I am actually ready to accomplish some small wonders (a proven way to help make life wonderful). I have a fairly ambitious agenda for 2017 that's going to take me to different places, physically and psychologically. I'm afraid it will be interesting, and I know exactly what Prickles has to say about that and so do you so I'll spare you the quote.

     Longer term, I am preparing for Expo 2020 (actually 2020/21 on account of Dubai being exhausting in summertime). I hope I won't need a walker to get around by then although that might not be a bad thing. As a cart to carry the camera stuff and a portable chair, a walker would actually be a great convenience. "If a walker is all you need to get around the Expo, you'll be fine," says Prickles. Now who's being depressive?


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