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No. 0099, December 14, 2016


Minority Report

Copyright 2016 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

Copyright 2016 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

     Still mining the pile of "rejected" calendar images. After all, they were not rejected because they were unacceptably bad - it was because I could only use thirteen and I had forty three. Prickles, who knows about such stuff, thinks some of these images aren't half bad. So enjoy!

     OK, the facts on the ground seem to be as follows: all Trump all the time. Has been thus for about a year now and will be for another four at least. As best I can tell (which is no guarantee of accuracy) Donald has looked at the world as a business enterprise and decided it needs a take over and a make over in line with the principles taught at the Trump U and laid out in "The Art of the Deal". America, Inc. (formerly United States of America) will now be run as a for profit business (and a show biz) to enrich the powerful and provide enough trickle down to keep the masses from becoming restive. The current world order is to be massively rearranged to maximize the profits, particularly by deregulating exploitation of the planet's resources.

     Trump, our strong Leader and guide, now has the power of the military and of the industry lined up for action as he deems fit. Any opposition or dissent can be swiftly dealt with since majority of the people lack the information and the analytical skills for effective resistance. With the economy revving up the majority will be happy enough to let Trump rule.

     The question is, will the famed "checks and balances" of the U.S. Constitution kick in at some point or will they be bulldozed over without notice? It is possible that Trump has bitten off more than he can chew and ends up making too many blunders to recover from. That is, actually, the hopeful scenario even though it would leave the world in a far worse mess than it is in now. The more sinister one is that he will continue to succeed in consolidating his power and growing the cult of his personality. Ultimately, it's up to us Americans - such as we have now become. One thing we can be sure of: we shall have the government we deserve. Justice shall prevail but we may not like it.

     Then again perhaps we are in for a yuge surprise as Trump turns out to be the best President we've had ever, ever.

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