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No. 0093, August 25, 2015


Youth vs. Age

Copyright 2015 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

     As usual, the image is unrelated to the subject at hand. "Why do you do that?" asks Prickles, the hedgehog I live with and my most ardent critic. I guess because most of my recent images are of the accidentally found variety and I can't predict what they will turn out to be. On the other hand, my subject is usually pre-thought out and I know pretty much what it will be. "Maybe you should pre-think your images too," Prickles is trying to be helpful. Well, these days time is kinda short - I'll get back to it when the dust settles on the forthcoming move from Possum Hollow to Port Chester.

     Anyway, what I wanted to note here is that my incapacity to enjoy much of the contemporary pop music and especially punk rock is rooted in the simple fact that I am not an angry young person which I believe is a requisite for proper appreciation of hip hop and punk cultures. I am, in fact, at 81, a happy young person (mentally anyway). I have everything I need and much more besides and very little to complain about. I am totally in a different groove than the discontented (usually with good reason) youth of nowadays. (I am aware that not all the youth of nowadays is discontented, but that's another story.)

     Much as I would like to save the world, I find that a) I don't have the wherewithals, and b) the world doesn't want to be saved, at least not by me. Which is perfectly OK, I don't really want to save it that much. When there is an opportunity to solve a problem that I can solve and enjoy solving it - I'm there. Otherwise I enjoy the world such as it is, as much as I can, and I find I'm enjoying it more as time goes by. Rage and resentment are just not part of my experience since I consider myself lucky and privileged. I'm sorry, I can't help it. "That's OK," says Prickles, "you just carry on as you are." She's very understanding.

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