Marks and Remarks
Food for the Mind and Eye

No. 0076, June 15, 2015


Color Accent

Copyright 2015 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

     "Are we done testing?" Prickles inquires. Yeah, I think we're in full production mode. "I see we've got the Investigative Sphere back on the team," she notes. Yes. but she's done with investigating. She agreed to work for us as a model. Here she is helping us prove that when it comes to aesthetics, nature can usually be improved on, in fact, almost always, nature worshippers notwithstanding. Yes, there is often transcendental beauty to be found in nature but as a rule the balance between chaos and order in any one instance of natural imagery is off optimum, frequently way off and needs to be restored for artistic purposes. And let's not forget that the artist is also a force of nature and any modifications to the scene as encountered that she or he may make are as valid as any "natural" effect - actually far more valid because consciously intentional. It is we humans who discover Art in nature, we define what is Art, and we take what nature imperfectly and unconsciously contrived and make it Art.

     Here it's rather obvious that this little natural scene needs a color accent to bring out its potential beauty. The Model Sphere supplies it and the world has been made a little better. A few people, primarily Prickles and I and a handful of our fans have been enabled to enjoy the world a tiny bit more. But every bit counts. We do what we can. "Amen," says Prickles.

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