Marks and Remarks
Food for the Mind and Eye

No. 0072, June 2, 2015


Still Here

Copyright 2015 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

     So we are in the midst of stuff that's actually more exciting and and significant than any marks or remarks we can think of. I don't know about Prickles, but for me discovering and inventing images and ideas has been temporarily displaced by the process of discovering and reinventing myself. Hence the slight irregularity you may have noticed in posting of recent M&Rs. Expect more of the same over next couple of months.

     Be that as it may, Prickles and I would be mortified if you felt neglected (which I'm sure you don't) so here is a token of our commitment to carrying on with M&R. We have labored long and hard to create it (this is evident in its deceptive unremarkableness) and we offer this labor of love in hope that you do not give up on us and forget us. So stay tuned (please...).

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