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No. 0054, April 16, 2015



     Question: is vintage tractor collecting an exclusively male hobby? Answer: No, but. "But what?" Prickles wants to know. When a woman is the collector it tends to be treated as a joke, even by the women themselves. "How so?" asks Prickles. Allow me to present a couple of not atypical examples of women's entries in an exhibition of antique tractors and let you draw your own conclusions.

Copyright 2015 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

     I call this one "Pretty in Pink"

Copyright 2015 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

     The perfect ride for a bride on her way to be wed

Copyright 2015 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

     For a serious collector, male or female: classic rust

     So my question is, why do women vintage tractor collectors feel the need to make fun of themselves?. "Maybe they're just fun people who have a sense of humor and are not dour like stereotypical farmers," Prickles proposes. I'm not buying it. I think women tend not to be comfortable doing something considered to be a macho thing and not appropriate for women so they make it into a joke: look, ha, ha, I'm not really doing the man thing, I'm just playing. "And men are not?" says Prickles. Well yes, they're being the boys they are but they pretend to be serious about it. "So women simply don't bother to pretend," she says, "bully for women." Prickles tends to have the last word.

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