Marks and Remarks
Food for the Mind and Eye

No. 0050, April 3, 2015


More Transmogrifications

     How's your discriminating eye, Prickles? Have you noted certain repetition of forms in these three images? They're merely incidental. This is not, as you can plainly see, a set of variations on a theme. Once again, starting with the same original elements, I tried for radically different results. "I suppose," says Prickles, "you have succeeded. And what conclusion do you draw from this exercise?" Oh, no conclusion, definitely not a conclusion. Rather I stirred up the pot to see what would come up, what exciting new intimations, what promises of new adventures unlike any in my memory. "And are you satisfied with what bubbled up?" she asks. Not completely, but excited by the possibilities hinted at. Some stuff that surfaces is just scum, but along with that new possibilities for beauty. "Really?" Prickles is curbing her enthusiasm. As really as me here and now. Trust me. "I've heard that before," she says.

Copyright 2015 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

Copyright 2015 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

Copyright 2015 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

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