Marks and Remarks
Food for the Mind and Eye

No. 0049, April 1, 2015


Gardy Loo

Copyright 2015 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

     "About yesterday's image," Prickles jumps in before I get a word out, "what was it supposed to be?" I hope not knowing that didn't keep you awake all night? "No, with the Investigative Sphere back on the job I knew I had nothing to worry about. Just wondering." Well, wonder on - the wonder will never cease because I haven't the foggiest and I'm the one who invented or, rather, discovered it. I hope you liked it. "I did," she says,"but I don't know why." Would you have liked it more if you knew? "Maybe, maybe not. Maybe less..." she says. In this case, I suspect less is more. "Which, knowing or liking?" Your pick. "Hold on! Time out. What are we talking about?" she demands. Yesterday's image. Maybe we should switch to today's?

     Prickles rolls her eyes. "I'm trying to make sense of things here and you keep fooling around." No better time for it. Which brings us to today. What do you think of today's image? Subtle, n'est ce pas? "If by subtle you mean enigmatic then I suppose. What is that thing on the rock, a slice of head cheese?" Puhlease, don't you recognize your pal the Investigative Sphere? "Why is she disguised as a slice of head cheese?" she asks.

     There is no talking to her when she is like that.

     "And what's with the 'gardy loo' ?" she presses on. Oh, that's easy. It's the dyngus day. So naturally, gardy loo. English for the French "watch out for the water!". "Oh, there's no use talking to you when you're like that," she says exasperated, "Im going to bed." Me too. But first, observe this thing in my hand. It is not a toy. It's a real water gun and I've got the bead on you.

     Excuse me, I've got to chase a hedgehog.

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