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No. 0048, March 31, 2015


Born Yet Again

Copyright 2015 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

     All things being equal, a change is as good as a rejuvenation. An oxymoron, of course. When things change they can't remain equal. What I meant is "all things changing the right way". Things can change in decidedly evil, even lethal ways. But how things change is to a large extent a matter of perception or, in sales-talk, a matter of attitude.

     A radical change is as good as being born again with all the attendant pains and problems and a steep learning curve. But it's all good: one is getting a new life but with the memory of how the previous one worked out - a huge leg up. Rational choices are possible. New potentials and opportunities open up. Well worth the pain, provided we do actually take advantage of them.

     So why don't we make radical changes more often? There are good reasons and there are bad reasons. Among the bad ones is the fear of change which is not unjustified. Change is necessarily a risky thing and one doesn't, one can't know exactly how it will turn out. We can, however, interact with events and consciously build our future more or less as we intend though, fortunately, not exactly. But fear of change can paralyse us and lock us up in our comfort zone (which, in any case, evaporates with time and becomes a discomfort zone tolerated as "the devil we know").

     A good reason for not making radical changes too often is that there is no point if one does not take time to enjoy its fruits, and it may take a long time to exhaust the new possibilities. Also, a radical change is energy draining and making radical changes for sake of making radical changes is one way to kill yourself. "Agan meden" the ancient Greeks advised, and Prickles concurs, "nothing in excess" or "moderation in everything, especially moderation" (the modifying phrase is a wise modern addition). But, once in a while, when things get old, it's time to make a radical change and become young again.

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