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Food for the Mind and Eye

No. 0044, March 25, 2015


Consciousness and Probability

Copyright 2015 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

     "What has consciousness got to do with probability?" Prickles wants to know. Excellent question. I was hoping you'd ask.

     Here's what we know for sure: consciousness is inextricably (though at the level of human complexity not always explicitly or obviously) associated with desire. To experience is to appreciate, that is, to assign value, and that value reflects the desire associated with consciousness. The other thing we know for sure, from direct personal experience, is that this value, expressed as intent, changes the probability field that is the statistical determinant of the future course of events. In other words, we can take intentional actions reflecting our conscious desire to shape the future in specific ways according to our desire. This is an indisputable fact.

     Of course probability only works statistically. Results are not guaranteed, especially in the short run. But in the long run, we can make things happen more or less as we intend. And there's your connection between consciousness and probability. "Very interesting," says Prickles. I think so too.

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