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No. 0039, March 16, 2015


Have Camera Will Travel

Copyright 2015 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

     It is said, and I believe it, that interesting and/or beautiful images are everywhere - you only have to look and see. The problem is, it's easy to look but seeing gets more and more difficult as the eye becomes jaded with a familiar scene. After a while one can become truly blind to the extraordinary and the beautiful in one's "regular" and seemingly unchanging (an illusion) environment. Cezanne consciously worked against this phenomenon by painting the same mountain again and again, seeing it afresh each time.

     A less heroic method of refreshing one's eye is to change environments - go someplace new and unfamiliar. This is my preferred method. It has the virtue of taking one out of one's comfort zone which right away sharpens the senses and stimulates imagination. Of course, it does not guarantee good pictures. For that you also need skill, talent and luck. Also patience, energy, commitment and endurance. The usual kit for making things happen (even, and especially, in your own back yard).

     It is also said, and I believe it, that one can make interesting and/or beautiful images using any kind of camera. However, the chances of that can be greatly increased by a camera that is well made, adaptable to circumstances, and easy to use. Again, using a good camera does not guarantee good pictures, but in hands of a good photographer it expands the possibilities and opportunities.

     My plan is to travel to unfamiliar places with a good camera in hopeful expectation of finding within myself the necessary energy and endurance. Given that, I am fairly confident that I have sufficient skill, talent, patience and luck to bring home a few good images.

     "Good luck," says Prickles, "but you're naturally lucky. Watch for pickpockets, bag snatchers and camera grabbers." Will do.

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