Marks and Remarks
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No. 0036, March 13, 2015


Extreme Moving

Copyright 2015 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

     How do you compress a house packed to the rafters with life's projects aggregated over decades, awaiting execution sometime over the next few decades (starting just as soon as I get a Round Tooit) into a single medium sized room with a bed and an oversize recliner already in it?

     Easy. Look Death squarely in the eye sockets and ask: what are the chances any of this crap gets done before I die? Then, however shockingly incredible the answer, believe it. Once you truly believe, scrapping 95% of your possessions becomes a piece of cake. Still it's an exercise in deep irony as you toss unused and now useless objects of once intense desire that you had gone to great lengths and expense to acquire. Vanity of vanities indeed. But it's a bracing and liberating process from which you walk away cleansed, lighthearted and ready for whatever comes.

     "How do you decide which 5% to keep?" asks Prickles. Triage. Only the stuff I know I will use today or in the immediate future. The principle is: when in doubt, throw it out. No mercy and no second thoughts. "Time will likely come you will regret some of your hasty decisions," Prickles advises. I'll deal with it then.

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