Marks and Remarks
Food for the Mind and Eye

No. 0035, March 11, 2015


Urban Surrealism

Copyright 2015 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

     It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon and the earthworms all popped out of their mounds of excreta to worship and appreciate the sun. This was unusual because earthworms are not as a rule sun-worshipers and have very little appreciation of it. And, indeed, as soon as the worms were informed of that fact they all popped back into their holes and appreciated something else. Possibly the yummy bacteria on which they feed. But just before their hasty re-endarkment they were observed and remembered and now hereinabove rendered by an artist with a small "a", i.e. a craftsperson, not a very good one perhaps but a bold one - the important thing being that he (ten bucks says it wasn't she) did render that moment of the worms' sun worship and in a public place for all to appreciate and ponder upon if not actually enjoy. But perhaps that too.

     "What are you raving about?!" inquires Prickles emphasizing the exclamation mark. I have no idea but there are the worms and the deep blue sky and the genuine sunshine as you can plainly see. These are the facts dealt us. The question is how do we play this hand? "Go to bed," she says. You know, on second thought, perhaps he was a big "A" Artist.

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