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No. 0021, February 12, 2015


The Heart is a Moron

Copyright 2015 by S. W. Paul Wyszkowski

      Others have put it more kindly and less truthfully as "the heart is a fool". But a fool's profession is a witty and an honorable one. The heart is no fool - it is a brainless moron. End of story.

      Which is not to say it is incapable of being right. In fact, only the heart can be right. It is the head that is the witty fool who can analyze a situation and tell what's what but not what's right. "Right" and "wrong" are not rational judgements, they are irrational feelings for which often no reason can be supplied. Therein lies the trouble.

      There are people who believe that it is their God-given right to feel good and perhaps they're right. The problem is they fly into a righteous rage when they are not feeling good. They are not using their heads the purpose of which is to come up with rational ways to facilitate feeling good and avoiding feeling bad. They are only listening to their heart, which, as already noted, is a moron.

      All that notwithstanding, feelings are what life is about. The heart rules. But, unless it uses the head as the advisor and planner, the heart, being a moron, is bound to fuck up. Which is why the world is full of unhappy people.

      "So why don't people use their heads?" asks Prickles. People forget they have heads because feelings is where it's at. The head is just an accessory which they keep losing. "Maybe they should keep it with their car keys," Prickles suggests helpfully.

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