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No. 0015, February 5, 2015


Enjoying My Own Company Blues

      M&R is a little verbivisual blog, a tiny drop in the ocean of web content (not all of it, incidentally, of a quality superior to M&R's). It's not exactly a voice crying in the wilderness, more like a whisper lost in the intergalactic emptiness. I estimate (optimistically) its total regular readership at approximately four. My own fault, or, I should say, intent.

      There is a number of things I could do to attract some attention to this page. The most effective would be to engage in a direct conversation with the people who might have an interest in M&R's eclectic mix of images and ideas. I have no doubt there are a good few such among the seven billion inhabitants of this planet. Reaching them, these days, would not be all that difficult. But it would be atypical of my long established behavioral patterns. In general, I dislike and resist dealing with other people. I'd rather deal with things and ideas. Call it an aspect of my undiagnosed Aspergers. And/or laziness - actively recruiting potential readers seems like too daunting a project for which I just don't have time or energy. Or interest.

      There are, of course, exceptions to my people avoidance. People who have become a part of my self, and I a part of theirs, whose lives are to some degree entwined with mine. Rare kindred souls who enjoy playing with the sort of ideas that fascinate me (and who are not too busy with the Mechanics of Life to engage in such play). The super-empathetic, charismatic people who are my opposites - constantly seeking contact with other people, even asocial ones like me. Etc.

      Let me be clear: this is not a complaint, even if it does hit a few existential blue notes (c'est la vie...). I find myself an excellent company and never lack for entertaining and mind expanding ways of engaging with the world (of which I am the most familiar part). I am a happy hermit in my own peculiar domain. And I have Prickles to keep me sane. "Excuse me?" says she. Nothing, never mind. Just talking to myself. "You should watch that," she says.


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