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No. 0013, February 3, 2015


The Perfect Camera

      Prickles was justifiably incredulous when I declared the X-E1 to be the perfect camera. OK, for me. OK, the nearest thing to it. In any case, as good as it gets.

      Except that people who produced the X-E1 have not rested on their laurels but went on to make the X-E2, the X-Pro1, the X-T1, the X-Q1 and are showing no signs of slowing down. I have hardly gotten to know the X-E1, I'm only beginning to groove into its feel and its capabilities. This is barely the start of a lifelong commitment and these people are leaving my beloved X-E1 in the dust of obsolescence as they go chasing the alphabet soup of new models that are hitting the market seems every couple of months. Evolution freaking run amok. Stop the world, I want to get off!

      I'm not a luddite, on the contrary, I tend to be an early adopter. If a technological breakthrough comes along that changes the game, I'm there. But I can't keep up with this high speed churning of models. A few offer genuinely useful tweaks of performance, but many changes are cosmetic or of minimal utility and some are worse than useless. I have investigated some of the "technically advanced" models and I refuse to succumb to their siren song. I'm sticking with X-E1. I want to see what I can do with it. I'm becoming familiar with all its quirks and I'm not about to give all that progress up just to deal with a whole new set of quirks. Besides, I'm far from convinced that X-E1 is not actually the perfect camera. For me.

      One small blessing: the progress in optics is much slower now that camera lenses have actually reached near perfection. Good lenses typically do not become obsolete for decades. So my response to all the technological upgrades is to acquire two additional lenses for the X-E1 so that it can do some new imaging tricks. These same lenses are used by all the latest models - they haven't changed since the inception of the X series.

      Now to find the most efficient method of carrying all that extra equipment on my photographic expeditions. No problem. I had solved it for my old kit which was substantially heavier and bulkier. With the X-E1 kit it should be a lead pipe cinch.

      "What's a lead pipe cinch?" Prickles inquires. Actually I have no idea but in my day it was an expression meaning roughly "easy as falling off a log" or "duck soup". "Duck soup?" Prickles is confused. Never mind.

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