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No. 0010, January 30, 2015


How to Spoil a Perfectly Good Photo

      That's a piece of driftwood cast upon a rocky shore. You may not think it's much to look at but I like it. If you saw it blown up to, say, 30" x 40", framed under glass and hanging in an art gallery, you too might like it. So anyway, creativity rears its ugly head and will not let merely good alone. After much fiddling with buttons, dials and other tools of my digital image processor I came up with this transmogrified version of the photo above (Prickles insisted on fitting in the Investigative Sphere).

      You don't think this is an improvement over the original photo? Maybe you're right. Sometimes a lousy photo turns into something glorious and sometimes vice versa. In this case, a good photo was turned into something interestingly weird but not all that satisfying aesthetically (despite heroic efforts to bring out its potential). C'est la vie. Tempus fugit and there's not enough left to redo it. Besides, Prickles and the Investigative Sphere have gone off somewhere to celebrate their reunion.

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