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No. 0009, January 29, 2015


The Ed at 18 and 80

      At eighteen life is problematic and the Ed (far left) although of a generally optimistic disposition (and looking it) had no idea what life would bring (and no idea that he had no idea). He had some plans (which went agley as plans of mice and men are wont to do) and he had a camera, the one constant factor of his life.

      The guy at the far right in the previous picture took this shot of the Ed on the verge of eighty (now over the verge) with the Ed's camera (which is why it is not evident in the picture). Still optimistic, and much happier than sixty two years ago, the Ed has come to the conclusion that enjoying life as best one can (in both transitive and intransitive sense of the verb "enjoy") is a most reasonable agenda. The Ed calls that a sterling success and looks forward (with wonder and appreciation) to whatever comes next.

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